Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide a place and ministry that allows families and individuals to escape from trouble by building their authentic, intimate relationship with Jesus so that they can be whole.

Our Vision

As a result of our ministry to families, Dawn of Hope will be known as the place to come to be refreshed and restored. This will be accomplished by mix of fun activities, time around the campfire, praise and worship, individual and group ministry times. Dawn of Hope will be a benchmark for Christian organizations that minister to families.

We believe that authentic intimate relationship with God produces healthy individuals, families, communities and nations. Our mission is to help families be more whole by each member improving their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Growing in understanding of His sacrifice and what He completed for us changes our understanding of our Identity.

Our vision is to have a ranch where families can come to rest, reconnect, and reach toward each other for varying lengths of time. This will be a place that families can run to, come in, and be safe.

Dawn of Hope exists as a place where families can come and find others to live life with them so that each person can move toward the wholeness offered by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God has a good plan for each family beginning from the exact point that they are in today. We would like to have the facility and trained staff to be able to minister to families in an atmosphere that lets them breathe and to know God’s plan for their lives better.

Below is what we wrote as our vision in 2015. This came to pass on January 1, 2017. We look forward to many more things that the Lord has called us to accomplish also coming to pass.

2015:  We would like to have a ranch to be able to continue the regular meetings and also to provide a place for families to rest for a while, get closer to being whole, and then return to their “regular life” in better shape to deal with it well.