What’s included if I choose to live at Dawn of Hope Ranch? We like to say we supply everything but your toothbrush…almost. Each living area is furnished with a bed, desk, chests and chairs for the students. The pool and hot tub are in the Lodge, so make sure to bring a swimsuit too.

What is life like at Dawn of Hope Ranch? Our goal is to provide a place, with gracious hospitality, for you to fully complete what the Lord has called you to accomplish.

Who is there? We have a built-in community of people here that do Bible studies and hang out together. It’s a unique place to get to live with others going along the same path.

What is there to do? We have 32 acres in the Rocky Mountains for you to enjoy! We have a large TV for communal movie-watching as well as ping pong and an indoor pool and hot tub. There are places inside the lodge and on the property that provide places for time with Jesus. The entrance to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is adjacent to our property, with over 15 miles of hiking trails. There are state parks nearby and many, many outdoor adventures that await you if you desire to pursue them. And we have a wonderful large fireplace to enjoy!

What is there to eat? One of the great advantages of living here is that we serve a hot meal every weeknight while school is in session. Breakfast is on your own. Sandwiches and leftovers are provided for lunch. That adds up to 10 meals a week when school is in session! Microwaves and refrigerators are available in the common area for your use. Snacks and a coffee shop will also be available at various times.

What if I am an international student? Each year we have students from several nations. It’s a great place to learn our culture within a community of like-minded people. Carpooling is a very real possibility with over two dozen residents living here, although we cannot guarantee rides. We also offer a discount for pre-payment for the year.

What do I bring? Residents will need to bring sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, washcloths and personal items.

Are there volunteer opportunities? Yes, there is a lot to do around the Ranch. In the past, volunteering here has counted as service hours. Many of our residents participate in church, kitchen and community activities or even help with horses.

Do I need to call the utility companies to get service for Wifi, trash removal, electricity, gas and water? No, all of those are included in at Dawn of Hope.

Since I’ll only be in school for nine months, may I only stay that long? Yes, our housing plans are all school year based. They begin a few days before orientation and end a few days after graduation.

What are the prices for staying at Dawn of Hope Ranch?

1. There are four dorm style rooms in lodge feature two bedrooms that share a bathroom. Each bedroom has room for two people. The inclusive cost including the meals, utilities, and room rental is $1,050.  

2. There are seven private rooms in the lodge. Each feature one room with a private bathroom: The inclusive cost including the meals, utilities, and room rental is $1,550.  

3. Cabins: Please call to discuss your individual requirements and to check availability.

I want to come! What do I do now? If you are interested, please fill this housing form. Once approved, we will send a lease. Deposits are first and last month’s expenses, plus a $500.00 security deposit. Once you’ve been approved and we have received a signed lease and your deposits, your room in the 2020-2021 school year will be secure! All contracts are through the school year, ending in mid-May. We have a variety of payment plans ranging from monthly to paying the year in advance, which offers a discount.

Please let us know below if I can answer further questions and thank you for your interest.