30 Days of Hope: Day Twenty-Three

Welcome to 30 Days of Hope. For the month of April 2020 we will create a blog post, and a podcast on this page daily pertaining to hope, written and recorded by many different people within Dawn of Hope.

Day Twenty-Three by Jim Hock

Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”

For five weeks at a time, I could not get out of bed. And then God told me to go to bible college. That was a ridiculous thing to say and I told Him that was crazy. You see, I had allowed Parkinson’s to take over my life beginning in 1998 so I wasn’t capable of anything. With those words from God, in the summer of 2018 I began to take my life back. Nothing is impossible with God.

Mary the would-be mother of Jesus had to be blown away when Gabriel told her what she could be. God gave me this verse for my heart and head to know that what seemed impossible was possible.

Mary was an unmarried virgin and it was ridiculous to think she could have a baby. I was suffering from years of deterioration and was nearly a hundred percent incapacitated. We were a lot alike!

What is impossible in your life? I would like to encourage you to own in your heart that nothing is impossible with God. Today I still deal with pain and don’t have the best day every day. However, I have done what God asked me to do and in that I have come to know His love in such a tangible way that it is now all I want. God’s love is more important than anything to me now.  

Join me in this prayer: Dear God, I believe that nothing is impossible with you. Thank you for loving me so much. Help me to live out what you have asked me to do and to do so sharing your love with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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